Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Block Lotto for November 2016

"Modern Square-in-a-Square"


-Unfinished size 10.5 "
-Must use ORANGE as one of your fabric choices
-Must have one solid either in the center square or one of the rounds
-3 or 4 rounds maximum (count center square as a round)
-Not wonky


-Plan the size of the center square and the approximate width of each round so that
when you are finished the block will measure 10.5 " square.

-When you start your rounds, sew on the sides first and then the top and bottom.
Be consistent with the order for each round.

-Iron seams away from the center.

-Be sure to square up your block after each round.  This is important to avoid ending up 
with a wonky block.

Here are a few samples ... 

Questions?  email me at

Don't forget that you will receive one lotto ticket for each block that you make!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Ellen's Bee Block

Ellen provided blue fabric and asked us to create an improv block that told our story and that used HST. I've been working with Kaffe Fassett fabric--I love the colors, design, basically everything.  So Kaffe is my story. As my block shows I'm a linear thinker. I'm still not confident when it comes to improv, so this was a good challenge for me.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ellen's September Bee Block

Ellen asked for some half square triangles and a color story, along with using her deep indigo fabric. I love red, but have recently been migrating to orange, so that's what showed up when I started looking for fabrics. The tiny green fabric is the "pop."The other part of the story is that I love "share" tables, so you may see some of your fabrics here, and since I never know how to stop 'shopping', there are LOTS of choices here!

Lucky Bee 13

Ellen's September Challenge for our bee
was to "Tell a Color Story"
She supplied a navy solid & 2 pieces of Japanese indigo.
Ellen requested that it be improv &  feature HSTs.

I love blue!    I love white with navy!   I love black with navy!
She also requested a pop of color if we weren't using a lot of color.

June Show and Tell

We started the meeting with some amazing charity baby quilts!

And then it was on to more traditional show and tell: 
Anita (the
Anita (the back)










Saturday, September 10, 2016

September Lucky Bee block for Ellen

For her September Lucky Bee block, Ellen asked us to make an improv block that tells a color story using half-square triangles. My story is called, "Lisa Mason Got Me Hooked on Orange."  (Thank you, Lisa.)

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Squares - Quilt Challenge

The summer is almost over and Cynthia has called the board together to start thinking about our first meeting of the year.  Hard to believe October really isn't that far away!  Just in case you're missing our meetings as much as we are, we've come up with a last-minute challenge to create blocks for a new guild quilt.

Squares - Quilt Challenge

block instructions:
Here are the instructions in an easy info-pic and there's more info below:

We're challenging the guild to make a very simple, scrappy quilt that is adult and masculine so let's steer clear of florals, pinks, purples and anything else that may be considered girly by some, even if not by you!

Each block is made of (4) 6-1/2" x 6-1/2" squares.

Please press all seams to the side to make life easier for the person piecing the blocks together later.

Trim your blocks to 12-1/2" (unfinished) so they sew up nicely to measure 12" in the finished quilt. 

Make as many blocks as you like - if you make more than one block please sew your blocks together (as below) so again there's less work for the person piecing the final quilt top.

how many blocks do we need?
Here are the block numbers needed to achieve various quilt sizes - let's see what we can manage between us, maybe we can make two quilts!:

small lap - 12 blocks (3x4)
large lap - 20 blocks (4x5)
small twin - 30 blocks (5x6)
regular twin - 42 blocks (6x7)

when and where do we want the blocks?
Bring finished blocks along to our first meeting in October and if you can't make it to the meeting, don't forget you can always drop Guild blocks off at Gotham Quilts too :D

what else do we need?
To complete the challenge quilt we'll need batting and backing/binding fabric donations - the larger the better but anything will be gratefully received - fabrics again should be adult, masculine, please.  

who will make the quilt?
We're looking for 1-5 volunteers to piece, baste, quilt, bind and label the quilt, click this link to send Chris Dodsley an email if you'd like to help out.

Here's that info-pic again:

Squares Quilt Challenge

Looking forward to seeing you all (and your blocks ;) ) on the 1st October and don't forget to email Chris to volunteer.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Improv: Beyond The Bee - Caroline's Triangle Block (July 2016)

I've completed Caroline's score for the July Improv: Beyond The Bee block and, again, I've written this blog post sharing my process and thoughts.  

On my own blog for reference, I also have this page detailing instructions for all 2012-2015 original Guild Bee blocks alongside Challenge blocks and Block Lotto, etc. 

As an aside, I'm travelling to Johannesburg and Cape Town in September and, as always, I'm looking to visit fabric stores.  If anyone has any recommendations I'd love to hear them - Chris :D